Celebrating 50 Years Serving SLU & the Surrounding Communities

90.9 The Lion

Celebrating 50 Years Serving SLU & the Surrounding Communities

90.9 The Lion

Celebrating 50 Years Serving SLU & the Surrounding Communities

90.9 The Lion


Local businesses want to reach community members, create brand recognition and drive sales. KSLU offers the opportunity for you to deliver a clear, concise message to engaged community listeners. As a KSLU sponsor, you can be the first business that comes to mind when the need arises.

As a public radio station, KSLU relies on the support of locally based businesses that understand the value of public radio and the hands-on training we provide for our future broadcast professionals.

As a KSLU sponsor, or underwriter, you would be helping us to continue the integral training we provide to our students, ensuring they graduate with the skills they need to be successful in their future careers. In return for your generosity, we’ll thank you with on-air announcements. These announcements may share information about your business and services, including locations, contact details, job postings, and more. Or, you may be interested in providing a helpful tip that relates to your business, from your business. Partnering with KSLU is an excellent way to reach potential clients as well as reinforce your brand with our listeners as a business that is rooted in the community and invests in the area you serve.

We are dedicated to serving Southeastern’s 14,000+ students and all our listeners in the surrounding communities, and we would love to share your message with them.


KSLU Underwriting Policy

KSLU must abide by FCC Public Radio guidelines and abstain from using promotional language, calls to action, inducements to buy, sell, rent or lease, and pricing information in underwriting announcements.

Impermissible pricing information includes information regarding a product or service’s price, including interest rate information or other indications of savings or value associated with the product.



Examples include:

“7.7% interest rate available now.”

“Tickets are $2.50 and $1.50 for students.”



Calls to action

Examples include:

“Stop by our showroom to see a model.”

“Try product X next time you buy oil.”


Inducements to Buy, Sell, Rent, or Lease

Examples include:

“Six months of free service.”

“A bonus available this week.”

“Special gift for the first 50 visitors.”


Comparative Language

Examples include:

“Best hamburgers in town”

“Better than the competition”


KSLU underwriting announcements are not to exceed 30 seconds in length.

KSLU may refuse an underwriter’s support and not air its announcements if the announcements are deemed to have an adverse affect on KSLU’s potential revenue (by causing other donors to not underwrite).

KSLU will provide underwriting announcements for religious entities provided that the announcements abide by KSLU’s underwriting policy, Public Radio guidelines, and are informative but not religious or proselytizing in nature.

As a state-owned public radio station, KSLU does not accept political underwriting announcements.